Hello! I enjoy listening to people's stories and work in teams to create meaningful experiences.

Top Skills


User Research

I strive to create meaningful products/services by constantly conducting user research. I use multiple research methodologies to uncover the truth.


Staying Organized

I keep businesses organized by streamlining processes. My experience has trained me to map out complex systems to discover problems and make improvements accordingly.


Management & Collaboration

I manage teams by aiming to communicate clearly. I also work with great people where we work hard and constantly learn from each other.


Lean & Agile

I have more than 5 years working in agile environments. Most of my agile experiences come from working in digital services and medical devices industries.


steven-forth-photo“Lucia is a versatile and highly accomplished designer able to work across multiple media. I have seen her lead design work on both industrial design (at Snug Vest), for interactives and for presentation materials for a Fortune 500 company. She is also an effective coach and mentor to younger designers. Lucia is not only creative and technically capable, she is also very reliable.”

— Steven Forth, President + CEO, TeamFit

karen-photo“Lucia is a pleasure to work with. She has an innate talent for creativity and has matched this well with her formal education and professional design work. Extremely organized, conscientious, and a great team leader, she has contributed tremendous value to our projects. Lucia is a rising star.”

— Karen Chiang, Co-Founder + Executive Director, Ibbaka

“Lucia is one of the most professional UX/UI designers that I have met in my tech career. She is very detailed oriented and is very willing to work with development teams to come out with solutions that address tech and design concerns.”

— Frankie Tse, Founder, Seabreeze Connect

shokoofeh“Lucia was an excellent mentor that has always been encouraging, positive, and appreciative. I was always very impressed with her natural abilities in multitasking and job management. I was able to work with her and expanded my knowledge of design processes from concept through development and manufacturing. Lucia is very research-oriented and productively acts fast to project demands. She was able to manage, control, and evaluate operations for ongoing projects.”

— Shokoofeh Ghasemi, Product Designer, Wearable Therapeutics Inc.

mikehiggins_circle“Lucia's approach was thoughtful and rigorous, it encompassed many scenarios. Lucia constantly strives to develop and expand her skill set, the end result is a website I am very happy with.”

— Michael Higgins, Michael Higgins Design

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