Mortar & Pestle

The website design of Mortar & Pestle originates from hosting The Roadside Mela. Chef Gayatri Desai brings to Vancouver her travel experiences across India, including handmade products, spices, and culinary knowledge from mothers, aunts and cooks.

In collaboration with
Gayatri Desai


Getting to Know Indian Culture Starting with Food

The inspiration behind Mortar & Pestle website design project began from hosting The Roadside Mela. It was a one day event where everyone gathered at the restaurant to sample Desai's authentic home-cooked Indian food. Indian spices used in the food were available for purchase with a recipe card and small description of how the spice is best used. There were also a display of Indian treasures including jewellery, fabrics, and post cards from several destinations from India.


Wireframe Process

After gathering data on what was popular at the event, it gave us a good base to start prototyping a website to learn more about Indian cuisine.

Mortar & Pestle

Preliminary website design for people interested in knowing more about Indian food but don't know where to start.