Snug Vest™

Therapeutic product for individuals with autism, sensory processing disorder or anxiety. Snug Vest™ inflates to provide adjustable and evenly distributed pressure to the torso for a comforting hug-like squeeze without pressure placed on the stomach or chest.

In collaboration with
Lisa Fraser


Deep Pressure Therapy

Deep Pressure Therapy is a sensory integration therapy that applies surface pressure to the body to create the feeling of a firm hug, hold, or swaddle. The result of applying pressure has a relaxing and calming effect by regulating the sensory system when it is overstimulated from environmental input and overload.

Johnny seeks pressure by squishing himself under the couch. "Deep pressure is sometimes a necessity in the same sense that oxygen and water are needed..."
—Danette, mother of Johnny with autism.


Benefits of Deep Pressure Therapy

  • Relax and ease anxiety.
  • Improve social skills and communicate more effectively.
  • Reduce tantrums, self-injury behaviour, and stimming (repetitive body movement).
  • Reduce tactile defensiveness/hypersensitivity to touch.
  • Maximize therapy sessions.
child little girl sleeps in the bed with a toy teddy bear

Beta Trials

A further Beta Trial Study was conducted in which 15 children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and/or Sensory Processing Disorder used the Snug Vest in home, clinic or school-based settings for one month.

Study by:
Lisa Fraser & Lucia Hsieh

Sponsored by:
NRC IRAP, Health Canada, National Research Council of Canada, Research Ethics Board


Evolution of Concepts

At least 100 prototypes were created, tested, and verified in order to create a medical product approved by Health Canada.

Card Sorting

The team used post it notes to quickly brainstorm together and prototype where elements were thought to be placed for Snug Vest's website.


Snug Vest™

Snug Vest™ is an inflatable pressure vest evenly distributedthroughout the sides, shoulders, and back of the torso to give a hug-like squeeze. Snug Vest™ inflates easily with an attachable hand pump, and safe adjustable pressure can be administered to the exact amount the user needs.



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